Activities and Journey Diary





  • March 2019 – PhD due date and return of normal life and restart of the Soil Hugger’s Journey
  • December 2015 – Soil Hugger’s Journey as PhD takes over life for next 3 years.
  • March 2015 – I’ve signed on the dotted line…..Regenerative Agriculture Success Measures (RASM – as my Mum likes to call it!) – the focus is moving towards water penetration into agricultural soils to increase the topsoil depth and hence (by default) influence the volume of carbon stored by changing every piece of the “soil pie”.  Exploring the not-so-fine line between washing all nutrients straight through and having a bogging plot at certain times of the year.  Plus – how is all this going to change as our climate changes….. by taking more advantage of every drop of rain that falls and deepening the depth at which we are encouraging our bugs to live, can we overcome the negative trend that has been predicted?
  • December 2014 I’ve been accepted by the University to complete some research with them with the general topic being Regenerative Agriculture Success Measures (RASM – as my Mum likes to call it!).  It would be great to look at soils that have been treated harshly in the past and be able to define their potential optimum carbon storage / soil life balance based on the different ways they could be treated into the future….. whilst still producing a “farmer sustaining” yield.  When we get back to a value being placed on carbon removal from the atmosphere, then this might help subsidize farmers as they transition from current mainstream agricultural techniques….. plus reduce salinity issues; plus decrease dependence on perpetual artificial fertilisers; plus healthier, local food production; plus less soil exposure, better water retention and decreased dependence on irrigation; plus more absorption then transpiration of water from the plants, leading to higher inland rainfall; and so on, and so on, and so on.  Its a beautiful opportunity and I’m excited to be contributing to it.
  • 15th – 26th October 2014 Permaculture Design Course – completed with the lovely team at Terra Perma Design, Slice of Eden and my ripper fellow students!
  • 18 September 2014 – Research topic discussions commence – it seems something might be in the wind that is in exactly the area (Soil Carbon Sequestration) I’d hoped for – funny how these things work out.  When you finally gain the courage to take the big steps and ask for guidance, its amazing the number of people keen to help you succeed.  Please don’t feel I’m  meaning to be cryptic on the topic, but I’ll update this section when I understand it enough to explain it to myself – might take some time….
  • 01 September 2014 – Confirmation has been received from the University that I am qualified to enter into a PhD.  This is Part 2 of my cunning/crazy plan to convert my Engineering mind into an “Environment and Earth Sciences” mind.  Crazy, scary thing number two, but quite fitting with my inner Soil Hugger!
  • August / September 2014 – Home and Community Garden Design Consults
  • 01 August 2014 – Corporate Retirement!



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