The Journey So Far…

TERRA EMBRACIA – The Soil Hugger’s Journey.


We’ve done a crazy thing….we’ve moved to Pemberton, Western Australia.

With aging In-Laws to help out on their farms, we’ve returned to my partner’s family farms to transition our Permaculture skills to a much broader canvas. So equipped with our Permaculture skills, my ongoing REX (The Regrarians Platform®) training and just a little trepidation, we are commencing a new chapter in our lives.

So 2018 marks our first year down here, the finalising of my PhD in Soil Science – Modelling soil carbon sequestration, and a pretty formidable learning curve for the whole family. So I’ll be trying to keep you up to speed with the little facts I pick up and how we weave our urban skills into the preparation of a display property for the regeneration of a landscape and a high soil carbon footprint for the future!

I hope you enjoy the ride.


I’ve done a crazy thing…. I’ve left my job.

As of August 1st 2014, I’ve dropped out of the corporate world and am keen to find a very different passion. Being a city kid married to a Permaculture Nut (originally from farming stock), things were bound to rub off eventually and now I’m ready to get my hands dirty.

So I’m setting off on a scary journey (with fabulous support crew, thanks to the Nut!) to seek out work/play which grabs my interest and satisfies my environmental conscience. I welcome you to join me on this adventure.

I plan to include snippets of Permaculture for Beginners – as I learn them! -, bizarre things occurring in our urban “Plant Ark” and perhaps some new things the Permaculture Nut discovers along the way.  You’ll learn a little about me; see my topic by topic investigation into gardening and sustainability; and gain an insight into our back-to-basics life style.

My aim is to help those who are new to Permaculture – me too – to get a taste to whet your appetite without things getting too technical (but technical enough not to lose the flavour!), but also to trigger a thought process which makes you consider where your food (or any other plant product) comes from.

Those of you who are more experienced in gardening, I would encourage you to keep an eye on the posts – I’ll throw the net wide on topics covered and hope to have a few snippets which will be new to even you.

If you are looking for more technical information or to learn about anything in more detail, I would suggest you visit the Resources Page which has links to local information sources and which I will build up over time.  Additionally you can head directly to – or facebook which are our family business pages and hence provide direct access to the Permaculture Nut!

In parallel to the fun stuff, I have been dabbling with idea of further study to convert my engineering mind into a Greenhouse Gas reduction guru – reducing emissions, alternative energy sources or removal of GHGs from the atmosphere. The Nut was rude enough to mention Soil Carbon Sequestration some months back as a complement to the family business’ skill set.  Initial investigations and inquiries look promising, further reading has proven the topic to be addictive and hence, with the emergence of the inner Soil Hugger, you might see this research influence my commentary and guide this path of learning too….. but we’ll see how that pans out.

Feel free to ask questions, make requests, provide feedback, and add your own stories, but most of all enjoy and encourage others to do the same.

Head to “Events, Activities and Journey Diary” for where things are progressing.




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