TERRA EMBRACIA – The Soil Hugger’s Journey – The Journey Begins

I’ve done a crazy thing…. I’ve left my job.

As of August 1st 2014, I’ve dropped out of the corporate world and am keen to find a very different passion. Being a city kid married to a Permaculture Nut (originally from farming stock), things were bound to rub off eventually and now I’m ready to get my hands dirty.

So I’m setting off on a scary journey (with fabulous support crew, thanks to the Nut!) to seek out work/play which grabs my interest and satisfies my environmental conscience.

I welcome you to join me on this adventure.

I plan to include snippets of Permaculture info for beginners – as I learn them! -, bizarre things occurring in our urban “Plant Ark” and perhaps some new things the Permaculture Nut discovers along the way.  You’ll learn a little about me; see my topic by topic investigation into gardening and sustainability; and gain an insight into our back-to-basics life style.

Regular item ideas include:

  • “Pick a Plant” Day (where I look at a wide range of plant properties and uses);
  • “Pick a Bug” Day (where I look at a wide range of bugs good or bad);
  • “Left Field Items” (Did you know? A “friend of a friend of mine” had no idea! Snippets of quirky/daft city-kid eye openers.);
  • “Stuff I am doing” (building structures using non-traditional techniques, course feedback, interesting items in my new “job”);
  • “Places I’m going” (plans and personal development paths with the Permaculture flavour);
  • “Just something with beauty”;
  • “Just something Permie – cultural”;
  • or a combo of these.

My aim is to help those who are new to Permaculture – like me! – to get a taste to whet your appetite without things getting too technical, but also to trigger a thought process which makes you consider where your food (or any other plant product) comes from.

Those of you who are more experienced in gardening, I would encourage you to keep an eye on the posts as I’ll throw the net wide on topics covered and hope to have a few snippets which will be new to even you.

In parallel to the fun stuff, I have been dabbling with idea of further study to convert my engineering mind into a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction guru – reducing emissions, alternative energy sources or removal of GHGs from the atmosphere.  The Nut was rude enough to mention Soil Carbon Sequestration some months back as a complement to the family business’ skill set.  Initial investigations and inquiries look promising, further reading has proven the topic to be addictive and hence, with the emergence of the inner Soil Hugger, you might see this research influence my commentary and guide this path of learning too….. but we’ll see how that pans out.

Anyway, enough intro…. let’s get onto the interesting stuff.  Feel free to ask questions, make requests, provide feedback, and add your own stories, but most of all enjoy and encourage others to do the same.


15 thoughts on “TERRA EMBRACIA – The Soil Hugger’s Journey – The Journey Begins

  1. Deborah

    I begin my journey slower than you. I still have a job (mixed blessing at that) and a very small courtyard, but start my Introduction to Permaculture course in a couple of weeks. It will be fascinating to see your learnings and experience as you progress.

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  2. Michele

    Great choice and bravo in leaving the corporate world! Welcome to the ‘scary journey’, it’s not that scary and you will be a valuable asset to everyone.
    With CO2 ppm over 400, lots of plant food in the air, lots of potential to green things up. Sequesting carbon or whatever you want to call it…….something for all of us to explore.
    Go Soil Hugger!

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  3. jolene2014 Post author

    Thanks for all your encouragement. Feel free to suggest a topic you would like covered or ask questions on one I already have. And I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. Cheers!


    1. Deborah

      I would love to hear of failures and how you try to overcome them as much as the successes. Often blogs are purely the wins and don’t show all the hard yards that go into making that win through trial and error. I am so going to be looking forward to these posts and learning everything I can for when I do the same. Thanks for waving the torch!


      1. jolene2014 Post author

        Funny you should mention failures as I was strolling through the photos last night to select the next “Pick a Plant” and came across many plants which are no longer present in our yard. Something that tweaked my interest was related to transplanting large fruit and citrus trees.
        We have had a number of local triplex blocks subdivided over the past couple of years and have (after obtaining permission) rescued a number of trees with which we had great success rehoming. On the other hand, when a persimmon farm down south was converted to a quarry and a band of determine garden folk were called in to perform a mass, but scattered relocation, the results were less than rewarding.
        I’ll endeavour to cover these and other failures along the way.


      1. Deborah

        I am not sure what sort of soufflé you refer to Michele, so couldn’t say safe or otherwise. Its simply information regarding H2S about its flammability.


  4. Michele

    Thanks Deborah, I know about hydrogen sulphide being toxic, just wondering about H2S souffle. I will have to do some experiment to figure that one out.


    1. jolene2014 Post author

      Funny, just watch out as H2S has an auto ignition temp of 270oC, so kitchen-chemistry-wise I would suggest a low to moderate oven or – toxic or not – you might not have a kitchen!


      1. Michele

        Thanks for the tip. You are a wealth of knowledge!
        I think the recipe recommends 180C. I will exercise precautionary principle and cook it outside using the solar oven, will need to put chooks on a high sulphur first to get maximum effect.

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